Take Me Out to the Ball Game

A League of Their Own

What’s more American than baseball?  Apple pie, stone-washed jeans, and maybe Tammy Faye Baker – but I love baseball the most.  Not the actual sport, though – let’s be clear. Watching 9 innings of baseball on television is like waiting in line all day at the DMV. But I AM a fan of baseball culture.

Everything from baseball caps to trading cards; Yogi Berra quotes to singing during the seventh inning stretch. That crack of the bat creates a feeling so nostalgic you’d be hard-pressed to find it in other American sports.

Baseball is the one that has pushed into every subject we ever study -  from literature (“Casey at the Bat”) to history (Jackie Robinson) to math (stats!).  And because I am a Boston-educated New Yorker from a Mets family, I have also learned some important life lessons about disappointment and rage.

For the unbelievers, the best thing to do is attend a baseball game. The hum of a game-day crowd, a giant bag of peanuts, and a ridiculous foam hand will have you eating out of the catcher’s mitt in no time.

Though there IS one other way to enjoy the rush of baseball in the springtime without having to leave your house: baseball movies. There is a baseball film for every kind of movie enthusiast, whether your genre du choix is drama, comedy, or documentary. And the best part?  Your team always wins! In light of the new baseball film, Million Dollar Arm, Sports Illustrated recently published a list of the top ten baseball movies of all time.  My personal favorite on the list is A League of Their Own because I am a firm believer in Rosie O’Donnell’s movie career.   What’s yours?

Kimberly is a Brooklyn, NY  native whose heart and work lies at the intersection of nostalgia and the funky fresh.  When she’s not busily working on a creative project, she’s drafting yet another unbelievably long email signature. You can follow her on twitter at @kimberlythinks.

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