Very Important Things I Learned From Books: Madeline

Madeline Cover

Madeline epitomizes French class and rebellious chic for 6 year old girls. (Because who are you REALLY if you’re not classy and chic in first grade.)  She might be the smallest girl in her class, but Madeline’s not even afraid of a mouse, you guys. In a sea of same little yellow hats, this girl knows how to stand out. Let’s take a look at some of the very important things we can learn from  Madeline:

The only way to walk around town in Paris is in two straight lines, otherwise you are basically a hobo.

If you wanna be classy you should definitely live somewhere that is covered in monstrous vines and has, not one. not two, BUT FOUR chimneys. Seriously, never settle for less than four chimneys.

Madeline 01

This is how a lady brushes her teeth. NEVER OPEN YOUR MOUTH.

Madeline 02

If you witness a crime, the best response is to just stand there and frown.

Madeline 03

Or you can run away like that mysterious man in the fez. Wait, let’s take a minute to discuss this man in the fez. He shows up here too.

Madeline 04

We never see his face, he’s always running away, he walks like a weirdo and he’s wearing a fez. Is it possible… Doctor, is that you?!

Anyways, so these are apparently safe and normal tools to have on the kitchen counter when a bunch of small children are running around. I mean, who doesn’t have a saw just sitting out on their kitchen counter?

Madeline 05

Oh, and by the way, if find yourself addressing a tiger at the zoo, the proper words of greeting are “Pooh-pooh.” It’s just what you say, don’t question it. The tiger will understand, and you’ll be best friends, I promise.

Madeline 06

If your friend is taken away in the middle of the night because they need to have their appendix out – You HAVE to cry. You don’t maybe cry. You don’t sort of feel like a cry. You absolutely have to cry.

Madeline 07
And then there’s this guy.

Madeline 08Trimming the hedges like he’s Edward Scissorhands, making a huge mess and smoking a cigarette. Because this is France and who cares! Anything goes!

But really, the most important thing I learned from Madeline is this: getting sick is so cool. Everyone gives you flowers, candy and toys. Your friends will all be insanely jealous of you and cry. Woo, hospital party!

Madeline is an amazing and beautiful children’s book written and illustrated by Ludwig Bemelmans, a man with a super cool name. It was first published in 1939, and it continues to be published because of its endless popularity.

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