Turtle Love

Turtle Love

If you were a young girl growing up in the 80’s, like me you probably had a little crush on a boy band – juuuust maybe not the same one.  I fell hard for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (you can imagine how popular that made me).  But now I have a scientific theory about that crush that I think may explain much about modern love.  (Okay, maybe not scientific, but I definitely made a lot of doodles about it in my Trapper Keeper.)

So let’s backtrack just a tiny bit. I didn’t actually have a crush on a TURTLE (I’m not that weird), but on their human characteristics. For instance, Raphael was tough with hard edges, while Michelangelo was a complete and total goofball (cowabunga dude!). Leonardo was the leader of the group, and Donatello had the brains. So each turtle was a kind of cliché, if you will, packaged up in his tight little shell and that weird eye bandana.

I myself loved Donatello because I’m a nerd for other nerds. (It goes without saying that I also loved Egon from Ghostbusters. Seriously, I ooze nerd.)

So, students, my theory goes like this: The turtle you had a crush on is the kind of man you fall for as an adult. Maybe not at first – lord knows I had a few Raphael’s and Michelangelo’s before I got it right.  But when I met my husband and realized how smart and geeky he was, I KNEW I had found my turtle.  Lucky for me, he doesn’t eat earthworms and guppies.

My friend, let’s call her Strawberry Shortcake, loved Michelangelo as a little girl, and now she is happily living with her own turtle goofball. THE THEORY WORKS!

Who was your favorite turtle? Does the theory work for you? Let us know in the comments!

When Liza isn’t writing, she’s eating some form of cheese, spending time with her husband and son, or binge watching TV shows.  Find her on Twitter and say hello @WriterLiza.

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