Head to the Beach!

Girls on Surfboards

If you’re anything like everyone else on the planet, you don’t enjoy getting dumped – especially when you moved all the way to Mexico for your boyfriend. But even more depressing is staying home in “Dumpsville”, wallowing in Ben & Jerry’s (and self pity) and watching Pretty Woman. What happened to being a strong independent woman?  I need Kelly Clarkson to tell me where can I find her again.

The honest answer is you probably won’t find her at home, moping around in your boyfriend’s old t-shirts surrounded by the artifacts of your relationship. Instead, get out of town for a few days – change your underwear and change the scenery.  No one can say you don’t deserve a getaway!

I certainly needed one after my recent break-up, and what better place to distract myself from all the tears in my beer than at the beach.  It is almost impossible to be unhappy when you’re covered in Hawaiian Tropic.  Here are a few other reasons why you should celebrate your single status at the beach:

  • SUN: Not only will you get a gorgeous tan, but according to care2.com, you’ll also get a quick fix of Serotonin (which decreases depression) from all that Vitamin D (good for the bones and the immune system).  All of this (plus new, sexy tan lines) will make you feel happier and healthier again.
  • SEA. Take a dunk – a metaphorical baptism. Not only will you be cleansing yourself of all those bad break-up vibes, but the salt water also acts as a natural exfoliant, getting rid of all those dead skin cells (and dead relationships). Extra bonus – rumor has it (and it must be true if HuffPo says so) that the magnesium in the water supposedly has a calming effect (read = you’ll need less Xanax).  Thank you !
  • GET THAT BEACH BOD: Popsugar reminds us that any exercise – whether it’s swimming, surfing, body boarding, or heavily making out with the cute cabana boy – will get those endorphins pumping to get you happy and keep it that way.
  • SAND. Walk barefoot in the sand – nothing’s more romantic, and right now, you need to show some TLC to yourself. Step out into the sunlight and let yourself feel deserving of the beauty around you.
  • FISH IN THE SEA. Ok, you might not be ready to date anyone, but spying on the tight speedos around you may just help you remember that there are plenty of other fish in that sea.
  • GO (coco)NUTS. With very few calories, little sodium and a good balance of electrolytes – there is no reason you shouldn’t be getting in on the coconut water craze. Did I mention that, according to lifehack.org, it also helps weight-loss, is good for the skin and is the perfect hangover remedy? What better place to try it out than where the coconuts drop fresh from the tree?
  • LIFEGUARDS. If – after all that – you still feel like drowning yourself in your sorrows, at least you’ll be saved by that David Hasselhof in the lifeguard stand. Mouth to mouth, anyone?


So leave your phone at home (don’t Facebook-stalk), grab your itsy bitsy teeny weeny polka dot bikini, and get down to the beach. You may not come back from your weekend completely over your break-up, but you will at least be on the road to recovery.

Natassja is – above all else – a bookworm with a backpack. Born near London with a degree from Paris and now living in Mexico, she’s been swooped into lots of new adventures that involve cocktails, contemporary art and haute cuisine.  You can follow her on instagram at tacosandtequilashots.com!

Photo Source: Ray Leighton (via National Library of Australia)



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