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Roerich - NY State of Unwind

What do you get when a Russian, a mystic, and an artist walk into a room?

Nicholas Roerich!

Welcome back to our series, NY State of Unwind – bringing you the quiet enclaves of Manhattan where you can decompress and snag a sweet moment’s solitary peace.

Ever heard of Nicholas Roerich?  Roerich was a 1920s Russian mystic/artist who wandered Asia searching for truth and inspiration.  A believer in the power of creative people to save our world (amen, brother!), he authored the Roerich Pact – a visionary multinational agreement to preserve cultural treasures.   Roerich’s followers established a museum dedicated to his work in a classic townhouse on a leafy, quiet stretch of West 107th Street.  Admission is blessedly free.

Take a little time to glide through all three floors of a treasure-filled, civilized space.   Boggle at 200+ of Roerich’s paintings of Himalayas and holy men.  Teetering just on the brink of kitsch, his works nonetheless make a bold impression in rich gold, pink, purple and piercing azure.  His work is easy on the eyes and, more importantly, your over-wired synapses.

The inner yogini in you will thrum to the energy of this unique spot.  And even if a bottle of Yellowtail is more your thing – no yoga thanks! — you may find yourself opening up to the mansion’s atmosphere of space and timelessness.  Glide out with a patina of gold on your weary, tarnished aura.

For our non-locals, you can view lots of Roerich’s work online (here, for example), so close your office door, put up a Do Not Disturb sign, and let your eyes take you higher.

Nicholas Roerich 9

Nicholas Roerich 8

Nicholas Roerich 7

Nicholas Roerich 6

Nicholas Roerich 5

Nicholas Roerich 4

Nicholas Roerich 3

Nicholas Roerich 2

Caroline would dearly love to return to Somalia, where she spent carefree childhood hours trying to keep poisonous snakes out of her clothing.  As a trip there is not really a go at the moment, she consoles herself by observing (and enjoying) the sweet absurdity of human life. 


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