Why the Airport is Heaven on Earth

Pink Airplane

Airports get an unfair reputation – but besides the foul-smelling feet in 15D and the accusatory TSA agent, I’m a little confused why. Sure, having to re-mortgage your house to pay those baggage fees is annoying…and traveling with that friend who requires horse tranquilizers to board a regional shuttle is a challenge.  Oy, and your mom who is so nervous about losing her boarding pass that she buries it in her giant purse at the bottom of the abyss and then panics that she’s lost it EVERY 5 MINUTES.

But, hey, all that aside, the airport is essentially an adult playground. For starters, it is absolutely the best excuse to get out of work early, and where else can you go that is filled with nothing but food, alcohol, trashy magazines, and people looking to flirt during a layover at the Macaroni Grill.  HEAVEN, that’s where.

Also it is completely encouraged to be alone at the airport.  There are iPads in the bars specifically for lone travelers to play games and avoid fellow travelers. And did I mention it is socially acceptable to be tipsy at noon because YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO for the next 5+ hours except spend $17 dollars on trailmix (gladly!) and speculate how many kids are actually in that family taking over all of the gate seats.

I don’t know about you, but I think next time you are headed to the airport you should stop complaining and start appreciating the fact that all you have to do is decide which snacks to eat and whether you want that neck pillow in pink or blue!

Laurie is a native New Yorker. She currently works in advertising, but most of her thoughts involve celebrity gossip, bagels, and pepperoni pizza. You can follow Laurie at www.lauriesadove.com.


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