How to Focus


Well, yesterday we talked about how to procrastinate.  Today we talk about how to focus.  We’re all about mixed messages.

I stress out a lot when I have a ton of projects to do.


The stress makes me feel like a muppet – this one in particular.


I lose all impulse control…


But then, I remember  - “hey, me, you have a system!” I put down the Little Debbie’s and relax.


Here are my tips for how to focus, so that you don’t outgrow your elastic waistband pants.  Friends, learn from my mistakes.

1) Turn off your phone and laptop whenever you can.


2) Go outside and smell the flowers! Walk for 5 to 10 minutes. Your brain needs oxygen, not potato chips, to function!


Oh, and don’t just go out for a second…


3) Try meditating for 5 minutes.  If being inside your own brain doesn’t appeal to you, just take 10 deep breaths instead. Breathe in through your nose and fill your stomach…then breathe out through your mouth releasing all the air inside.


4) Work out for 20 minutes. Blowing off steam in the gym might help you get into the zone or at least get a better ass, which ought to count for something.


If you insist on being an overachiever, you can even take your homework with you!

5) Temporarily block your social media. I deactivate my Facebook account when I need to get stuff done so that I’m not distracted by Buzzfeed quizes. Otherwise I’m like this one second…


And this the next:


Most of your friends will still be there when you finish. Except the one who is busy photographing her lunch and uploading it to Instagram.

6) Have one person you can vent to on speed dial.


I like to call my mom and get her advice because moms always know how to give their kids a kick in the pants.  The point is: talk to anyone that can bring things back into focus for you.

7) Take a power nap. Letting yourself rest is important.   Leather couches are perfect for this.


8) You can also try to alternate intervals of 20 minutes work and 10 minutes rest.


9) Don’t do chores or talk to friends while you are working. Work on one thing at a time. You’re not superhuman, and unless you’re Shiva, you don’t have four arms.


10) Coffee is great for a quick wake-me-up!


Just resist the urge to drink too much. Long-term use actually makes you less productive, and no one likes your coffee breath.


Most importantly, remember not to freak out! It will all get done eventually and just think how free you will feel once you’re finished!


So, good luck, and may the focus be with you.

Tell us what your tricks for focusing are in the comments below!


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