How to Procrastinate


Here at The Wonderist, we’re no strangers to procrastination station.  For us it’s almost a competitive sport – like how many hours of Mad Men can I squeeze in before I absolutely have to write my next post?  Can I fill a jar with jelly beans and correctly guess how many are in it before I do that next interview?  You get the drift.

If you’re anything like us, you might be a little bored of procrastinating in the same way every day – so please enjoy our top 60 ways to procrastinate TODAY – because if there’s one thing that’s easy to do on time, it’s procrastinate!

  1. Learn how to say “I’ll have more carbs please” in Italian.Full House
  2. Forget how to say it.
  3. Alphabetize your cereal boxes.
  4. Now de-alphabetize them.
  5. Save the world in 4 minutes.
  6. Talk to your pet about its emotions.
  7. If you don’t have a pet, get a pet.
  8. Put all of your eggs in one basket.
  9. Appreciate this picture of a puppy in a sandwich.Puppy Sandwich
  10. Appreciate this picture of a sandwich that looks like a puppy.Sandwich Puppies
  11. Imagine what the world would be like if people looked like sandwiches.
  12. Now make yourself a sandwich.
  13. Make your friend a sandwich.
  14. Eat your friend’s sandwich.
  15. Tame your wild wild love.
  16. Send yourself a Hogwarts acceptance letter.
  17. Don’t wear pants.
  18. Make fetch happen.Fetch
  19. Make a milkshake.
  20. Bring all the boys to the yard.
  21. Lose Waldo.
  22. Go to Whole Foods.
  23. Ask if you can have only half a food.
  24. Earn 50 points for Gryffindor.
  25. Cut to the chase.
  26. Save the whales.
  27. Learn about chlorophyll.
  28. Wear a striped sweater.
  29. Grow a bacon beard.Bacon Beard
  30. Have your cake and eat it too.
  31. Take a nap.
  32. Put it back.
  33. Play monopoly against yourself.
  34. Break the ice.
  35. Invent toaster strudel.
  36. Be a robot.
  37. Order a pizza.
  38. Charge the pizza guy $16 when he delivers your pizza.
  39. Make a sea bear circle.
  40. Try to take over Genovia.Royals
  41. Find 50 shades of gray pencils.
  42. Make everyone in the room laugh.
  43. Be beautiful like Cinderella and smell like pine needles.
  44. Have a Pokemon battle with yourself.
  45. Measure a Fruit by the Foot.
  46. Draw a blue duck.
  47. Figure out where Carmen Santiago is.
  48. Call for sushi delivery.
  49. Order only soy sauce.
  50. Count all the chocolate chips in a box of Chips Ahoy cookies.
  51. Count all the chocolate chips in a box of Oreo cookies.
  52. Be the 7th Six Chick.Six Chicks
  53. Make a Ryan Gosling shaped waffle.
  54. Break into the Chamber of Secrets.
  55.  Spill milk.
  56. Cry over spilt milk.
  57. Do some horizontal running.
  58. Tell Aaron Samuels his hair looks sexy pushed back.
  59. Hibernate.
  60. Appreciate Taco Cat.

Taco Cat

Anna believes everything in life is better if you put cheese on it. She is a business student, professional chef (if you count cereal), and aspiring globetrotter. She hopes you find 20 bucks in your pocket today. Follow her at @annayego!

Sources: Samantha Bullis, Michelle Tanner eating pasta, puppy sandwich, sandwich puppy, fetch, bacon beard, Genovia, Six Chicks, Taco Cat


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