Golden Girls

Old Ladies on a Rollercoaster

My friends and I are ready for retirement.  Well, more specifically we have already planned where we are going to retire.  We’ve decided that a commune on the Northern Pacific Coast surrounded by hot springs and gardens will suit us just fine.  We’ll hire a few pool boys to deliver fruity cocktails and ice cream sundaes every night while we watch reruns of Beverly Hills 90210 and play endless games of Sudoku.

The commune idea was born in a dusty kitchen surrounded by pizza boxes and Diet Pepsi cans.   My friend had recently filed for divorce.  It was devastating and unexpected, but when the papers were signed, she seemed to be able to breath again.  But while we were packing up her barely used wedding china, she did have one final moment of collapse. This chapter was over – one that she had expected to take her to the end.  “We said we’d grow old together.  Who am I going to grow old with now?”  And – bam – this idea came into the world.  Not totally new – there were the Golden Girls before us, after all – but totally comforting.   We would hope that our partners and our kids would hold out and stay until the third act.  But if divorce stepped in or death arrived too early or kids fell into the clutches of addiction or whatever – we’d have a place with each other.  We’d invite other fabulous women to join, and we’d never be lonely (or have to wear Life Alert necklaces).

A sort of shorthand is established when you’ve know someone since you rocked scrunchies and headgear together.  Now add inside jokes, a collection of travel memories, bridesmaid duties, intimate moments of listening about the darkness of post partum, financial worries, mortgage woes, sinking body part woes – and there’s a lifetime of material to keep us reminiscing.

This video of 100 year-old best friends is another testament to the comfort of friendship.  It’s delightful to see them so N’ Sync (oh, add that to our future playlist!).  So, I’m sending you all an invitation to our commune (in about 50 years).  There will be a Mai Tai with an umbrella waiting by the pool.

Robyn’s adventurous spirit has drawn her to such exotic destinations as Dubai, Costa Rica and Schenectady, NY.  Her most treasured items include the denim hat she worn when she won a Debbie Gibson look alike contest in ’89, her copy of Reality Bites, and the McDonalds Happy Meal Muppets glass that has miraculously survived three cross country moves.  You can follow Robyn on Facebook at!

Photo Source: Grace Robertson


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