Coming to America

Australian in America

Sometimes you can’t control the future.  Sometimes the smallest experiences influence you just beneath the surface in ways you could never imagine. Sometimes you fall in love with something so far from home that you become a lily white, hip-hop loving ginger from Australia living in New York City.

Jazz, gospel and blues were the soundtrack of my childhood (I had one seriously cool mum), and from those early seeds, my love of hip-hop was born. For me, hip-hop was a sense of belonging.  It was the best friend I didn’t have, and I would follow it anywhere.

I was drawn by the beats of artists like Joey Badass, Rapsody, Phony PPL and Badu to the United States, like a moth to the light.  I needed that underground, jazz-infused energy to be a part of my everyday life.

I’ve been in New York City for 3 months now. Just long enough to learn that you can buy meat at the bodega but not wine; that every day on the subway is like a stadium performance by street musicians; and that you can’t suddenly stop walking down the street without being knocked down and cursed out. I knew it wouldn’t be easy here, but I was banking on the fact that everyone loves an Aussie.

It has been a serious struggle to find work in NYC as an artist, but I’ve found compassion and culture around every corner. Who cares that I’m living on noodles. I’ve been to more shows, collaborated with more artists and inhaled more burgers in 3 months then I have in 25 years.

I’ve never been more excited to start a new adventure. Hip-hop is my window. The rhymes are my language. And the instrumentals are the pulse of every new experience.,

I hope you’ll join me each week, as I share with you my own “coming to America” story – one that has been paved by the musicians and artists of this generation.

Sydney The Artist is an Aussie living in the Big Apple, chasing her dream to eat burgers, soak up as much hip-hop music as possible, and take over the art and design world.  No biggie…You can follow her on instagram at @sydneytheartist!


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