Saying Goodbye


Despite being someone who has never read Winnie the Pooh, I sure am touched by this quote.

Who’s to say that inspiration can’t come from a chubby yellow bear in a t-shirt that’s almost certainly three sizes too small?  What inspires you and helps you change in small but meaningful ways doesn’t have to come in big packages.

As we end this week, ask yourself how many times you said goodbye to someone. More importantly, ask yourself how many of those times you stopped to think how long it would be until you saw them again.  Or felt that little lump climbing up your throat.  Or wanted to linger just a little bit longer. Know what I’m talking about?

Because whatever made you feel that way is also telling you what’s important to you – what you should hold onto with both hands.

You might not have all the money you want, or the success, or the fame. But you are the richest and luckiest when you have that one thing or that one person that makes you hesitate to walk away… never stop trying to be that same thing for someone else.  Winnie the Pooh knew what he was talking about.

Daniela is a 19 year-old with a penchant for hot chocolate and really bad movies. She has a passion for acting and plans to give you a shout-out when she wins her first Academy Award. 

Illustration: EH Shepard / Text Overlay: The Wonderist



  1. Daniela, you are a jewel in the crown. Your philosophy will stand by you all your life. So many arrivals and leavings in every day, beginnings and endings.

    1. Thank you so much, Dorothy. Your words mean a lot. Immediate smile on my face when I read your comment. :)

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