Bright Bolds

Lauren Rolwing

Today we live in such a media-saturated world that it can be hard to really connect with art in a personal way. But I recently discovered an artist whose imagination is like a cool rain during a long Midwestern drought. With a color palette that really celebrates the bolds, it’s no wonder her pieces evoke those feelings of wahoo-it’s-Friday!

I stumbled upon Lauren Rolwing through a series of fashion illustrations she did (a few of which are pictured below – is that Yves Saint Laurent to die for or what?). I immediately fell in love with her style  - a total breath of fresh air in what can be an otherwise snobby fashion scene.  Her work is like cotton candy; it’s bubbly, fun, and wonderfully accessible.

Her aesthetic is like a perfect marriage between Ettore Sottsass and Andy Warhol – both color savvy and form-forward. But what I get most from her work is whimsy and the fun she brings to the medium.

Enjoy the eye candy below – I hope you can float right into the weekend on a wave of her bright pop energy!

Lauren Rolwing 3


Lauren Rolwing 12




Lauren Rolwing 16

Print Lauren Rolwing 8 Lauren Rolwing 9

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