A Springtime “What If…”

Flower Head

Spring is in the air! Kind of. And the flowers are in full bloom! Sort of. The warmer weather is slowly, maybe, almost getting here? As I walk the streets these days, my head full of thoughts of sunshine and my hair blowing in the breeze, I can’t help but think of the obvious question: what if… we grew flowers instead of hair?

Imagine it. Maybe you would have a cleanly cut head of grass. Or a wild head full of overgrown weeds. Perhaps a head of mushrooms, if the sunshine wasn’t really your thing. Or a head of lush colorful flowers, if you love to soak up the rays. We’d have little portable gardens that we could take everywhere. Wanna give your sweetheart a flower? Just pluck it from your head! Wanna wear a garden gnome as a hat? That makes perfect sense! Looking for style tips? Pick up the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens!

Alright, back to reality. So we don’t have little gardens growing on top of our heads. We do, however, have sprawling gardens inside our heads. The gardens of our imagination! (Cue impressive echo…) So go ahead, let’s think some new flowery thoughts, and maybe let a few weeds run wild if we dare…

Amy likes to draw and write. Follow her on Tumblr where she makes poorly animated gifs and Harry Potter fan art. http://amymariestad.tumblr.com!

Original Illustration by Amy!


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