My Modern Family

Modern Family

Growing up an only child I never ate at a kid’s table during the holidays, I couldn’t complain about mom and dad to a sibling, and hide and seek never worked.  But when my family exploded with divorce at 16, and I reeled from the loss of my little life, that little life turned into something bigger and better.  I got step-siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles.  And then my stepsister gave our family three gorgeous baby girls.  I became an aunt and my heart exploded in a completely different way.

My stepsister and I don’t share childhood memories or genes.  But we do share a deep, all-consuming love for Modern Family.  And, to us, Wednesday is the most holy of days.  I come over and she makes popcorn on the stove, which is so utterly decadent and fancy I can’t stand it.  We eat a ridiculous amount of Red Hots while folding laundry together and watching the show.

Modern Family is such a perfect reflection of all that’s silly, complicated, and delightful about most American families and I thank all that is good and right that our modern family was created.  So, to all of you former only children out there, I raise a glass and welcome you to the kid’s table.

Robyn’s adventurous spirit has drawn her to such exotic destinations as Dubai, Costa Rica and Schenectady, NY.  Her most treasured items include the denim hat she wore when she won a Debbie Gibson look alike contest in ’89, her copy of Reality Bites, and the McDonalds Happy Meal Muppets glass that has miraculously survived three cross country moves.  You can follow Robyn on Facebook at!

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