Open Letter: to NYC Moms

Stroller Photo

Dear Women All Over New York Carrying Strollers Up The Subway Stairs,

How do you do it?

I think I would throw in the towel after one trip during rush hour and head to temple to beg God to give my newborn the power to walk.

Those strollers are huge, ridiculously so, and just about the most annoying thing a person could have to maneuver onto a packed subway car.

How do you not resent that beautiful little face staring up at you while you use all of your bicep strength to carry a bed-on-wheels up a flight of unforgiving concrete stairs? I resent people for so much less!

I must applaud your dedication to your child’s comfort, as well as your commitment to supporting public transportation. Oh, and to the women with double strollers for multiple babies – just stop. You are clearly angels come to Earth and the world needs you to use your powers for a greater good.

Adam thinks he’s a writer.  He kindly requests that you pretend he’s a sleepwalker and don’t wake him up from this delusion. You can follow him on Twitter at @FakeAdamCecil.



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  2. OMG! Had me in stitches. So true! I don’t live in the City but let’s just say that my children walked everywhere early on. Slow? Oh, I don’t mind slow!

    1. Ha! Glad you liked it, Maria! I resent my grocery bags for not being able to fly themselves to my 4th-floor apartment. I wouldn’t know where to begin with babies!

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