Is it Stealing?

Hotel Soap

Anyone who’s been backpacking knows that your bag is always heavier on the return-trip after being stuffed with cheap cigarettes and tacky souvenirs for coworkers you don’t really like. I’ve long-since given up on the tacky souvenirs (which just end up at the back of bookshelves anyway). I now opt for a different kind of souvenir– the kind you don’t generally pay for…

When you travel on a budget, you often hit poverty sooner than expected. And every once in a while, you end up working the system to get by.  (Success story: this time last year I bagged a bucketload of L’Occitance en Provence products while staying in a 4-star hotel just outside of Paris.  My lavender-scented skin owes ya one, France.)

But it’s not just hotels you start stealing from when you’re on the move.  It’s a slippery slope, but you start justifying items from other stops along the way – sugar packets from the café, the wet napkins they gave you at the restaurant, a roll of toilet paper from a public bathroom, and those totally necessary headphones that you found on the bus.

But this is wrong. Or is it? We want to answer the question you’ve all been asking yourselves: IS IT STEALING?!

In the comments below, tell us what you think is fair game?  Does the airline OWE you that itchy wool blanket after you paid an arm and a leg for a ticket?

Is it okay to pocket bagels from the continental breakfast for your lunch?

What about the hotel stationary?  Totally great for doodling, but is it okay to take the whole pad?

Natassja is – above all else – a bookworm with a backpack. Born near London with a degree from Paris and now living in Mexico, she’s been swooped into lots of new adventures that involve cocktails, contemporary art and haute cuisine.  You can follow her at!

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