Cinco de Life


It’s Cinco de Mayo, amigos!  Put down your breakfast margaritas and celebrate with us all of the great things that come in fives.  We give to you – the Cinco de Life…

Cinco de burger cupcakes – because GET IN MY MOUTH.

Burger Cupcakes

Cinco de Lady Gaga nesting dolls – now everyone can screw Lady Gaga.


Cinco de cats in space – because they look so cute in their little wittle space suits.

Cats in Space

Cinco de Backstreet Boys – because bravo to them for not going quietly into the dark night of pop star retirement.

Backstreet Boys

Cinco de pies sitting on grass – the strangest promo staging of all time.

Windowsill Pies

Cinco de Disney princesses – because every 13-inch waist loves company!

Disney Princesses

Cinco de Muppets in Top Hats – because life’s always a party when you’re hand-operated.


Cinco de Rainbow Scooters – because nothing says, “I’m a badass” quite like riding these scooters with your posse.

Retro Vespas

Cinco de Arrested Development pencils because you will have the coolest pencil pack of everyone in your carpool.

Arrested Development Pencils

Cinco de mix tapes – will someone PLEASE make me a mix tape?  This is how women should be wooed.

Mix Tape

Anna believes everything in life is better if you put cheese on it. She is a business student, professional chef (if you count cereal), and aspiring globetrotter. She hopes you find 20 bucks in your pocket today. Follow her at @annayego!

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