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Yesterday morning, I found myself in an unlikely stand-off…at a cat café. The first ever cat café in North America opened in NYC, and animal lovers came from far and wide to catch a glimpse of the beauties lounging in the windows. (I mean the cats, not the cat ladies.)

The Purina One event – where you can sip a latte while getting covered in cat hair by 16 rescue cats – is geared towards encouraging adoptions.  Apparently four of the little monsters have been adopted already! I wonder how many people waiting in line were inspired to go out and adopt a cat for free after realizing they would have to wait three hours in line just to pet one.


The sidewalk was a total scene.  While a security guard (to protect the cat ladies from each other?) tried to calm the crowd, we transformed into a mosh pit of hungry predators. We turned on each other because we couldn’t turn on the cats (though they are so darn cute you just want to eat them right up, oh yes you do!). We. Needed. To. Pet. Cats. AND NOW.  An outsider would have had a hard time telling us apart from untamed beasts.


Not surprisingly, cat cafés are popular abroad but have been slow to take off in the US because of health regulations.  So NYers did what they do best – found a loophole.  Would you visit a cat café if one opened up permanently in your town? Or would you rather keep your cat obsession under wraps?


PS – Our very own Wonderist, Tanya, is a proud cat lady, whose instagram is often clogged with photos of her hot-to-trot tabby.

The Purina One Cat Café is open until Sunday at 168 Bowery Street from 10a.m. to 7p.m.  Stop by, have a cat-accino (their word, not mine) and maybe adopt a cat…or just play with one.  Don’t forget your lint roller.

CatCafe5Photos by Tod Seelie for Gothamist

Adam Cecil thinks he’s a writer.  He kindly requests that you pretend he’s a sleepwalker and don’t wake him up from this delusion. You can follow him on Twitter at @FakeAdamCecil.



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