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Hi, everyone!  Apologies for the impromptu break – lots to catch up on!  I want to make sweet literary love to you…

But first, I’m going to be making some changes on The Wonderist, and I need your help to do it.

To get us there, I need to take you back.  To early 2013.  My mom was in the last few months of a years-long battle with lung cancer, and I was feeling professionally stalled after several years at National Geographic TV.  I needed to do something that made me feel good.  Having fancied myself “a writer” ever since my poem “Pitter Patter” was published in my 6th grade class’ anthology, I decided I wanted to start writing again.  And so the blog, The Wonderist, was born.

It started as a way to distract myself and my mom with the things that made us feel happy – posts about people thinking outside the box, being compassionate with one another, and being funny.

As months went by, I started connecting with other bloggers and readers and began to realize that there is an audience for this kind of content out there.  People want to see “happiness” in their social media feeds as much as they need that daily Starbucks latte.

That has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my life – connecting to other people on the site.  Whenever someone leaves a comment on the blog, I want to send them a fruit basket.  (Pinot Ninja, I’m talking to you!)

After my mom passed away, I left National Geographic with a plan  to spend the year focusing on the blog, but you know what they say – “the best laid plans”…yada yada yada.

A very dear friend and mentor asked me if I wanted to start a television production company with her.  The word “yes” was out of my mouth before I could even think about what I was saying – there was much hugging and squealing.  It was something like a marriage proposal, only ours happened over lobster rolls on a Monday night, and I was wearing a scrunchy.

And so here we are, 3 months later.  Together, she, myself, and 3 very talented friends of ours, have started a television production company.  We’re already so busy that I measure my workload in the number of Mountain Dews I have to drink every day to get it all done.  It’s awesome.

At the same time, it has taken me away from the blog – something that’s become very close to my heart, even though I no longer need it for the same reasons I began it.

2 weeks ago, the dam broke.  I realized that there are only so many hours in the day and only so many neurons in my brain to rub together.  I was struggling to keep up.

Feeling disappointed and sad, I confided in one of the Production Assistants at work (I have no boundaries) that I was feeling I might have to put the blog on hiatus until the company required less of my time.

She casually suggested, “Why don’t you take on some contributors?”  (Be warned, you’re all going to be working for her some day.)  The idea itself isn’t that revolutionary – tons of bloggers do it, and I’d always hoped to get there myself.  I just thought it would happen differently and much further down the road.

But the idea blew the wind back into my blogger sails.  I immediately got really excited (like the kind of excited you feel when your Match.com date is even cuter in person).  I L-O-V-E building things – it’s why I’m a closet crafter and why I have loved building a company from the ground up.

One of my goals for this site has always been to build a community of “Wonderists” – people out there living the creative, compassionate, wonder-filled lifestyle.  And so this is where you come in.  I want you to be a part of this next chapter in the blog.

This week, I am going to publish the positions I’m looking to fill and about the kinds of people I want to work with.  I’m not looking for big commitments – just a post or 2 a month (more if you’re an over-achiever).  You don’t have to be writers (bonus if you are), but you do have to be engaged.  The team I am building will be global and diverse but connected by a passion for feel-good content.

So stay tuned, my friends.  And get ready – we are going to blow the roof of the internet.  I have BIG plans.

PS – I’ve missed you.




  1. Hey there, Miss Tanya! Blast from the past! Thank you for continuing with this – I love reading The Wonderist!! xo

  2. Congrats Tanya, your talent is amazing and inspiring, always has been. I have loved getting into this whole blogging thing so I completetly understand why you want to keep your toe (and maybe even whole foot) in the water. Contributors is a great idea!

    1. are not is… lol can I say English is my second language? It’s not but it would make me feel better to say that being a homeschooling mom and all.

    2. Jhenna – you just made my day – thank you! Would you ever consider contributing? I know you’ve got your hands more than full (I honestly don’t know how you do it all), but I think you could create an AWESOME Do-It-Yourself presence on the site!

    1. Thanks, Jen! I’d love if you considered contributing! I think you’ve got a really fun perspective on the rewards and hiccups of being a mom that other families would love to read!

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