Junk Drawer Friday!

Elderly Woman Blowing out Candles

Tomorrow marks International Women’s Day!!!  This is your opportunity to recover from bungling Valentine’s Day.  Whatever you do, take the time to appreciate the good ladies in your life!

And while you’re not busy hugging, kissing, and twirling her, here’s some fun link love from around the world:

An artist recreates death row inmates’ last meals – fascinating!

A culinary student decorates an entire cake on the subway and then shares it with her fellow commuters.  The reason she gives at the end is the best part.  Mmm, cake.

10 rejection letters sent to famous people.

Find out what your “Travoltified” name (a la Adele Dazeem) would be!  Mine is Teigan Keeneedia.

Clothes that disappear when you’re horny.  Wow.

This housing complex is built out of, perhaps, the coolest recycled materials ever.

Most awesome way to get a job offer EVER.

Kevin Spacey hilariously answers questions that female celebrities usually get on the red carpet.

The surreal family tree of VH1 shows.

Amazing photos of early immigrants coming through Ellis Island.

My favorite album of 2014 so far!

(Photo Source: Koen Hauser)


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