The Jumping Project

Jumping 8

My mom always loved photos of people jumping.  Her favorite picture with my dad was of them jumping in the air at their wedding.

I’d always rolled my eyes at the idea, so maybe this is just one more step in the inevitable progression toward becoming my mother…but I have started to love jumping photos, too. It is virtually impossible to be sad when jumping.  Seriously.  Put down your egg & cheese, and try it!

So I was excited to stumble upon the “Jumping Project” on Flickr – an album with more than 55,000 submissions of people jumping.

My favorite sampling of Jumping Project photos (and a throwback music video) below!

Jumping 1


Jumping 9

Jumping 7

Jumping 6

Jumping 5

Jumping 3

Jumping 12

Jumping 11


(Photos: Martje Bakker, Flava2000, S.I.R. Photography, RCubillo, Robert Burmaster, TKL417Joshua Hansen, Miss Sydney Marie, Simon Turkas)


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