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Mad Love

Love Mad Lib

It’s February.  The scent of Valentines and desperation in the air is making me amorous.  I am Wookin’ Pa Nub, baby.

So why not have a little fun with this Mad Libs love story printable.  To this day, I still love Mad Libs.  There’s nothing funnier than inappropriate verb usage, amiright?!

Have fun with this downloadable Mad Lib or why not make up your own?
I’d love to hear one of your favorite love stories in the comments below!

Be Art or Wear It

Be a Work of Art

It’s New York Fashion Week…again…somehow it feels like it’s ALWAYS NY Fashion Week. I’ve barely recovered from the whiplash of the Pilgrim Hat slash Fembot Leotard uprising of 2013, and here we go again!  While we wait to see what trends we’ll all be bowing to this year, please feel free to have a laugh at these runway looks!

(Quote via Phrases and Philosophies, 1894)


Being Uncool

I think many of us were stunned by how deeply affecting Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death was yesterday – after all, it’s not like we actually knew him.  I did see him a few times in NYC and could never quite comprehend the man that stood before me, slightly pot-bellied and smoking a cig on the street corner.   His talent was so celestial – it must have been difficult to be human, I usually thought.  But instead of being sad, I am thankful for every person and every moment that nurtured him in a way that allowed him to give so much of himself to his audience before he returned to his ethereal home.

Enjoy this short clip from his role in one of my favorite movies, Almost Famous.  He talks about friendship and how “the only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.”

Thank you for being “honest” and “unmerciful” with your craft, PSH.  Wishing you peace and an afterlife full of great film roles.


Jedi Tricks

Superhero Workout 2

Do you need to work out?  (Yes.  The answer is yes.  Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday and everything you ate was either covered in, dunked in, or made of CHEESE.)

Fitness guru Neila Rey knows how hard it is to keep your fitness routine from growing stale, so she publishes a new workout regimen on her website every week.  The fun part?  The programs require no equipment and are based on your favorite superheroes – so you can get the body of Batman, Wolverine, or The Avenger.  (My tip to you – the Storm Trooper workout looks pretty easy.  Probably why Storm Troopers never actually hit their targets.)

Check out a few of my favorite routines AFTER THE JUMP!