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Making Memories

Children Playing in 1909 New York City

Been seeing this idea floating around the internet this week, and I really love it.  (Also it doesn’t just work for people with children.  I think it’d be a cute way to document a romance that might be getting serious or a great friendship you want to memorialize.  I am trusting you with this idea because you’re not the stalkery type.  You don’t have a shrine to Mila Kunis in your closet…right?)

So here’s the idea: …AFTER THE JUMP!



This week’s Moment of Zen – my favorite scene from Dead Poets Society and another reminder how special the work of teachers is. (And how much cuter Ethan Hawke is now than he was in 1989.)

I dream of being able to …TO BE CONTINUED…(AFTER THE JUMP!)


The Sapeurs


Let’s ignore for a minute that I’m about to show you a Guinness commercial because that is totally secondary to the fact that the group of men in it are the flyest cats in the Congo.

Meet the “Sapeurs” of the Congo – a society of elegantly dressed men whose philosophy is to “defy circumstance and live with joie de vivre.”  For them, the clothes are about peace and respect; about style, not fashion; about changing the stereotypes of Africa.  As one Sapeur put it, “You colonized us, but we dress better than you.”  SNAPPPP!

They wear pastel suits, kilts, fedoras – whatever keeps them looking sharp and loving life. I love the flair, the elegance, and the subtle rebellion against politics in a country that once banned Western clothing.

Check out the video after the jump – it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face!


Go Someplace

Daila Lama Quote

Do you ever get so locked into your routine – work, kids, bocce tournaments  – that you don’t always prioritize travel?  Does that bother you or are you happy to be a bug in a rug at home?

Travel, for me these days, means a trip to the Bronx Zoo or a mall in New Jersey!  For someone who used to travel a TON – I feel like I’m missing something really valuable by living in such a dinky radius .  I often feel like I should just be roaming the planet like this guy, except I’m in my 30s and I like clean toilets and room service.  (To be fair – the outer boroughs and continental Europe are probably equidistant from my apartment).

If you’re a wanderer like I am, how do you balance it with the rest of your life?  This feels like an important deal for me to strike in my life right now, and I’d love your suggestions (or your airline miles).

“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” – Aldous Huxley


Extraordinary Girl Nails National Anthem

This video of Marlana VanHoose NAILING the National Anthem back in 2012 has recently resurfaced on social media.  That’s because it’s no ordinary performance – she has such a clear, emotional voice – it gives me goosebumps.  Oh and did I mention she’s blind, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a toddler, and has never had a lesson?

Her outlook on life is inspiring – she says “god taught” her how to play and she does it to help people who might be lost. And I love the Ray Charles swagger she’s got going on.


Figure Skating Freeze-Frame

Figure Skating Faces 1

So I haven’t watched any Olympic coverage this year.  I’m not sure why I’m so apathetic – could be the fact that I’m having trouble staying up passed 9pm lately.  (I’ve also been eating cereal perched over the sink for dinner.  I’ve officially become my parents.)

So thank goodness the internet served up this priceless piece of photojournalism on Sunday: the faces of Olympic figure skaters in mid-routine.  Check out a few of my favorite photos …AFTER THE JUMP!


Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Faith Trust Pixie Dust

Mondays are the days when I don’t want to grow up the most.  Peter Pan is my Monday mascot.  Who’s yours?

(Quote from JM Barrie)


Matt and Ben

Just two buddies poking fun at each other for charity.  Gotta love ‘em.

(Matt wins for the Gigli jab.)

(Source: Omaze)


Ode to Fast Food

Kate Hudson

The most loving relationship I’ve ever had is the one I have with fast food, so I’ve decided to share my experiences.  You know, to help those less fortunate get in touch with their emotional eating needs.  This is my Pay it Forward for 2014.

So – for the first time ever – I give you: Fast Food for the Right Mood – A Manual in GIFs. That weekend phone call with your parents left you full of self-loathing? Find out which fast food is right for you…AFTER THE JUMP!


Junk Drawer Friday!

Valentine Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers!  This morning, the Chinese woman who runs the bagel shop by my office menacingly laughed in my face when I wished her a Happy Valentine’s Day.  I thought that was unfair considering she’s the steadiest relationship I have.

Any special plans this weekend?  Something tres romantique?  Romantic for me is chewing on a really soft sweatshirt sleeve while I binge-watch old tv series.  That’s what’ll be happening Chez Tanya.

If you’re going to be chewing on your own sweatshirt, here’s a little link love to sweeten the mood: Fart figure skating, why Clair Huxtable is the greatest woman that ever lived, 6 people who fell in love on the subway, and Starbucks’ questionable contribution to the music industry!