Big Softie


What is it about math teachers.  I had a gruff one in high school, too.  Mr. Glendenning.  But it turned out that he was the sweetest man when he didn’t have chalk in his hand.  I used to love seeing him walk in the door of my mom’s shop when I was working the counter – I knew he’d poke fun at me for something but always with an affectionate twinkle in his eye.  I think that the time I fell butt-first into an industrial trash can in front of his class endeared me to him forever.

So meet Jim O’Connor – menacing math teacher? Maybe.  But it’s what he does outside of school that will have you cooing at your computer screen.  BIGGEST. SOFTIE. EVER.  And a good reminder that people aren’t always what they seem – in the best of ways!

Check out this short clip about the amazing extra curricular activity he’s had for the last 20 years:

(via Upinspire)


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  1. Hi Tonya, Been enjoying your blog! Believe it or not…I had Mr. Glendenning too & can relate to your experience. This was a great story. Hope you are doing well. Joy

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