Junk Drawer Friday!

Photo Booth

Happy Friday!  Lots of work to do this weekend (getting ready to shoot a new show for Animal Planet in a week).  I’m so tired I’m cross-eyed, and I haven’t done laundry in 3 months, but it’ll be worth it because you’ll all watch it when it airs, right?????  (Will bribe for ratings.)

Hope you all have a super weekend!  If you’re feeling tired and cross-eyed, too, here’s a little fun link love to juice things up:

What is your inner potato?  Finally a Buzzfeed quiz I can relate to.

Pixar children’s book illustrations of R-Rated Movies.

What winter in NYC has felt like this year.

One woman’s hilarious journey through 2,330 pages of self-help books.

The selfie is a lot older than you think.

13 satisfying GIFs of kids learning they are not good at basketball.

The 6 most ridiculous products ever made for boobs - hilarious!

Ah-mazing satellite photos of our cities – pure art!

Female professional football player earns respect after taking some huge hits on the field.

Dogs get their own carnival party in Rio de Janeiro.  Yup, it’s as cute as you think.

Epic prank battle between two brothers!


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