This week’s Moment of Zen – my favorite scene from Dead Poets Society and another reminder how special the work of teachers is. (And how much cuter Ethan Hawke is now than he was in 1989.)

I dream of being able to unlock a student the way Robin Williams does in this scene with Hawke. When I work with students in my afterschool arts program, I see all that potential bubbling right beneath the surface and hope that there’s someone in their lives who encourages it every day – a teacher, parent, or friend.  And if we all thought of ourselves as teachers, imagine the wonderful things that could happen (not to mention how much more polite people would be).

Let’s all try to help someone find their “yawp!” today.  (Even if “yawp” sounds like the noise you make when someone pokes you in the tush with a hot fire iron.)



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  1. I LOVE this movie! And a reference to it is perfect timing — I was feeling a little bit frustrated with my volunteer teaching (I do literacy intervention with 4 years olds in a Head Start program) and this was just what I needed. While I may not get them to yawp, I might just be able to get them to sing the alphabet song if I keep at it.

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