Making Memories

Children Playing in 1909 New York City

Been seeing this idea floating around the internet this week, and I really love it.  (Also it doesn’t just work for people with children.  I think it’d be a cute way to document a romance that might be getting serious or a great friendship you want to memorialize.  I am trusting you with this idea because you’re not the stalkery type.  You don’t have a shrine to Mila Kunis in your closet…right?)

So here’s the idea:

When your kids are born, set up an email account for them.  Over the years, send funny personal stories, kid-isms, photos, scans of their awards, important lessons, etc. to that email address.  On their 18th birthday, tell them about the email account and give them the password.

I think this is such a great way to archive meaningful memories.  As someone that doesn’t really have home videos from when she was a kid and none of the other tangible artifacts of childhood, I would really have loved this.  (Granted, the technology 18 years from now will probably be so far beyond email, you’ll be able to stick a thumb drive of all your memories into your kid’s arm.)

(Photo: Young boys playing in a New York street, 1909.  Source: Bain News Service.)


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