Figure Skating Freeze-Frame

Figure Skating Faces 1

So I haven’t watched any Olympic coverage this year.  I’m not sure why I’m so apathetic – could be the fact that I’m having trouble staying up passed 9pm lately.  (I’ve also been eating cereal perched over the sink for dinner.  I’ve officially become my parents.)

So thank goodness the internet served up this priceless piece of photojournalism on Sunday: the faces of Olympic figure skaters in mid-routine.  Check out a few of my favorite photos below and more at Sad and Useless!

I think figure skating is, by far, the best winter sport.  I wanted to BE Moira Kelly in The Cutting Edge when I was 13.  I mean, these men and women are BEASTS, and they get to wear sequins every day.  How is that not a dream scenario?  Congratulations to all the skaters!

This guy’s saying, “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I am too old for this.  I’d rather be at the pub.”

Figure Skating Faces 5

“Hey you, in the bleachers.  I’m trying to flirt with you.  It’s just hard to wink when I’m spinning at mach speed.”

Figure Skating Faces 2

“Darn it.  I forgot my checkbook.”

Figure Skating Faces 3

“I think I threw my back out.”

Figure Skating Faces 8

“Where am I?  Wait.  WHAT AM I WEARING?”

Figure Skating Faces 7

“Mum?  Dad?  Are you there?  I think there’s a monster under my bed.”

Figure Skating Faces 6


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