Ode to Fast Food

Kate Hudson

The most loving relationship I’ve ever had is the one I have with fast food, so I’ve decided to share my experiences.  You know, to help those less fortunate get in touch with their emotional eating needs.  This is my Pay it Forward for 2014.

So – for the first time ever – I give you: Fast Food for the Right Mood – A Manual in GIFs.

Scenario 1: That weekend phone call with your parents left you full of self-loathing. Taco Bell.

Bill Murray

Scenario 2: You’re having that deli meat itch after your great workout this morning?  Time for a six-inch at Subway.  (Jon Hamm, you eat that ham so good.)

Jon Hamm

Scenario 3: You’re gonna be road tripping through Breezewood, Pennsylvania. Try not to lose it over how many fast food chains they crammed into one mile of interstate and just do the right thing.  ARBY’S.


Scenario 4: You’re having the girls over for Galentine’s Day?  Pizza Hut!  SQUEEEE!

Emma Stone

Scenario 5: You just bought the only thing you could afford at Tiffany’s and now you’re feeling pretty sophisticated.  KFC. Because they sell something called a parfait.

Robert Downery Jr

Scenario 6: You’re so god damn happy it’s a federal holiday.  McDonald’s!

Jim Carrey

Scenario 7: You got laid last night for the first time in a really, really long time.  You totally love everyone.  Dunkin’ Donuts!

Sound of Music

Scenario 8: You’ve been looking for a way to get closer to your Latino zumba instructor.  And you know you’re only a few hours away from elastic waist band pants. Chipotle!

Captain Kirk 2

Scenario 9: You’ve got money to burn and only one day left to live:  Starbucks.

Mad Men

Scenario 10: You’re having an existential crisis because you’ve lived in NYC for 7 years and still get lost in Grand Central Station. Wendy’s or Burger King.


Oh, fast food.  I love you:

The Notebook

No, I hate you:


(GIF Sources can be found at giphy.com)


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