Junk Drawer Friday!

Valentine Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers!  This morning, the Chinese woman who runs the bagel shop by my office menacingly laughed in my face when I wished her a Happy Valentine’s Day.  I thought that was unfair considering she’s the steadiest relationship I have.

Any special plans this weekend?  Something tres romantique?  Romantic for me is chewing on a really soft sweatshirt sleeve while I binge-watch old tv series.  That’s what’ll be happening Chez Tanya.

If you’re going to be chewing on your own sweatshirt, here’s a little link love to sweeten the mood:

I could listen to this 3 year-old girl talk ALL DAY.

Hook-up app Tinder is all the rage in Olympic Village.

Confused little girl meets her dad’s identical twin for the first time – so funny!

Fart figure skating – gave me a good chuckle with the sheer variety of farts.

28 reasons Clair Huxtable is perfection.

The most dangerous amusement park ever.

Very cool water fountain!

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis perform on a NYC bus!

6 couples who found love on the subway!

Classic paintings – but animated!

Starbucks, I’m kinda mad at you for this!

(Photo: French actress Danielle Darrieux, 1938)


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