Stormtrooper Style

Hi, All! Hope you had a great weekend!

I’m heading back to NYC this morning after a whirlwind weekend in Chicago with my sister’s family during which I:

*watched in horror/laughter as my 6 year-old nephew stuffed an entire blanket in his mouth in his sleep (this kid could have a serious sideshow career on Coney Island),

*got duped by the 2 year-old into changing several CLEAN diapers by the sheer olfactory power of his farts, and

*watched the 10 year-old play the most riveting game of basketball I’ve seen since I had a crush on the entire Detroit Pistons team of 1990.

I have several bruises and severe sleep deprivation, but they’re totally worth it.

I also usually leave Chicago with the maturity of a grade schooler, so I thought dancing Stormtroopers would be an apropos share for this morning. (Somebody please tell me – were the “real” Stormtroopers so handsomely endowed?!)


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