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Adam Magyar

After 4 trains and a walk through shin-deep slush yesterday, I got to work with soggy feet and terrible hair. Things started looking up, however, when one of my coworkers came back from lunch with a 6-pack of fresh men’s socks to share.  You’d think I’d been stranded in the wilderness for decades the way I talked about those fresh socks all afternoon.  They were so WHITE.  And so PLUSH.  Ladies, women’s socks are a scam – it was like wearing a sheep on my feet.

But back to commuting.  People are calling this artist the man who hacked time for his stunning work on underground trains. Photographer Adam Magyar boarded trains in NY, Berlin and Tokyo to film commuters in wait as the train he rode in whizzed by. The slow-motion effect is absolutely mesmerizing and the result is what he calls “living sculpture.”  If only we could all slow down this much in real life to observe each other, we’d see so many things – joy, anxiety, impatience, surprise, and not nearly enough human interaction.  Take the time to acknowledge a stranger today!

See the videos below (they’re each fascinating in different ways) and a GREAT article about Adam Magyar here!

(Photo Source: Andreas Chudowski)


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