They are Among Us


I’ve talked about Humans of New York here on the blog before – I really love what photographer, Brandon Stanton is doing with this project. Its popularity is a testament to how much we really need connection with other people, I think.

We all scroll through our social network feeds looking for those stories of people doing good things, people who need our help, people finding unlikely success despite all the odds.  And yet we feel distant from the experiences of those people in their far away cities, which is precisely why HONY is such a smart project.  It’s a gentle reminder that those people are walking among us every day – they’re working hard, they’re nursing broken hearts, they’re dreaming big – and they’re worth noticing.

It is a true pleasure to watch this video of Brandon in action – hearing him talk about how he got started and how he uses positivity to get people to open up in front of his lens – and to add him to our WonderList.



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