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Blue Watermelon

I got really excited by a picture of “moonmelon” on the internet this morning.  It claims to be a fruit that “grows in some parts of Japan, and is known for its vibrant blue color. What you probably don’t know about this fruit is that it can switch flavors after you eat it. Everything sour will taste sweet, everything salty will taste bitter, and it gives water a strong orange-like taste.”  Too good to be true?  It is.  (Check out these other pinterest hoaxes!)

Internet, why do you toy with me so?  You giveth, and you taketh away.  I feel like Manti Te’o.

Anyway, I think moonmelon is gorgeous, and I want to pretend it exists.  I also want to pretend that Hostess cupcakes are zero calories.


The Rainmaker


I often get asked what it is that I do in TV.  For anyone who is still unclear, I can explain it in 2 GIFs.

dancing (4244) Animated Gif on Giphy



Making Waves

Time for your midweek moment of zen!  You have to look at this in full-screen or the only thing it’s going to do is make you need to pee.

In full screen, however, I can almost see that time a friend and I came across a gorgeous waterfall on a summer hike.  He jumped right into the water for a swim while I remained safely perched on a nearby rock – because everyone knows there are special parasites in water that only eat the brains of nubile 24 year-old women.  Just as I started to get really worried about who was going to give me a piggyback ride back up the mountain if he didn’t come back, he returned with some tall tale about lesbians he saw having sex just beyond the tower of rocks I was resting on.

I can’t promise you there are any lesbians having sex on the other side of these rocks, but I invite you to imagine whatever the hell you want.  It’s YOUR moment of zen, after all.

Thank you, Caribbean, for being the most gorgeous place to recharge one’s batteries.  And also for the water slide at Señor Frog’s.



Umbrella Canopy 3

It’s a rainy day in NYC, which means I’d rather be about a zillion other places.  It means soggy ballet flats, frizzy hair, and heavy eyelids, so I appreciate these uplifting, bright photos of umbrella canopies in Portugal.  Flickr photographer Patrícia Almeida has documented these fun installations in Portugal for the last 2 years.  It’s all very Mary Poppins-y!  Do you think the guy in the wife-beater is Dick Van Dyke, the chimney sweep? MORE PHOTOS AFTER THE JUMP!


Take the Long Way Home

Take the Long Way Home

As someone usually inclined to take an extra train transfer to avoid an above-ground walk, I could stand to heed this advice more often.  Take the long way home.  Linger a little.  It doesn’t have to be all skipping through fields of poppies but even just walking the long way home a couple nights a week.  NYC gave me bunions years ago (standard-issue welcoming gift), so there’s no use pretending that I’m doing the foot fetishists of the world any favors by rushing home and putting my feet up.  Let’s make a promise to each other to take the long way home at least once this week?

What are some of your new intentions for this year?

Photo: Iron and Resin


What Does the Spleen Do?

I am totally preoccupied with the fact that something is wrong with my Netflix, and I can’t get any episodes of Dexter to play.  It’s been a week, and I’m getting the shakes.

This video is going to have to hold me over until I can watch Michael C. Hall drape a room in plastic sheeting and kill someone.  I don’t know when it happened, but that has become my happy place after a long day of work.

I give you: a parody of “What Does The Fox Say” by the medical students of Harvard.  And I mean, seriously, what DOES the spleen do?  The lyrics had me hugging my gut (is the spleen near there?) all the way to the end.  The doctors of the future sure are a gas.


The Places You’ve Never Been

Each Moment is a Place

Too often, we think of the new year as an opportunity for a fresh start, but truth is, every day is a fresh start.  Every moment, even.  I saw this quote by American poet Mark Strand yesterday, and I really loved it.  I like thinking of moments as places we go to, instead of experiences we have to live in.  Because, hey, if you don’t like the moment you’re in, there’s always a new one to go to.  (That is generally also my philosophy about dates.)

There’s so much more freedom (and less pressure!) if we think of ourselves as tourists designing fun life experiences, instead of the masterminds who have to find the meaning in them, don’t you think?

Also, who doesn’t love jumping in photos!

(Original Photo: Flickr)


Making Faces

I don’t know who this guy is or why he’s performing Paganini on his face.  I’m not even sure what kind of drugs a person would have to be on to do this.  But I’m digging his big blue eyes (1:53 is the exact moment you will become helpless against them) and wondering if I could find his phone number to invite him over for charades.


Seeing Double

Chino Otsuka 1

We are BACK IN BUSINESS, folks!  Hope you’ve all had a tremendous introduction to the year 2014!  I’ve had an exhausting but exhilarating one – lots of changes happening this year.  I can’t wait to share them with all of you in the next week, but right now I am desperately trying to find my cat’s catnip banana before I go to work.  #motherhoodmondays (True story: I ate an entire lemon meringue pie to stay awake during the last hour of the Golden Globes last night and was so strung out on sugar, I didn’t sleep a whole lot.)

The beginning of each new year often makes me a tiny bit nostalgic – for reasons that might not be totally logical.  …READ MORE AFTER THE JUMP!


One Heckuva Ride!

One Heckuva RideHappy 2014, Wonderists!  I hope you’ve gotten a chance to take a little bit of a break like I am about to!  Apologies for the disappearing act – as some of you know, I decided to leave my post at National Geographic TV to take on a super exciting new challenge, but wrapping up 4+ years there just became a really big job for a couple of weeks.

I missed you (it was like quitting carbs cold turkey – I’ve totally had the blogger shakes) and can’t wait to tell you what I’ll be up to this year!  But first I’m going to spend a few more days overeating, impulse shopping online, and not showering.

I will be back in full force on Monday, January 13th, and can’t wait to share with you my new blog design and some other fun ventures that I hope you’ll be a part of in 2014. SQUEE!!!

This is going to be one heckuva ride!

*Photo Source: Unknown / Text: The Wonderist*