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Do You See What I See?

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Cat or croissant?


National Chocolate Cake Day

National Chocolate Cake Day

It’s National Chocolate Cake Day!  I don’t know if other kinds of cake get their own days, too, but they sure as hell should.  If, for any reason, I’m ever on death row and have to choose my last meal, I want to eat my way through a prison cell of confetti cake.

To celebrate chocolate cake, however, I made my first cake from scratch EVER yesterday: the Nudie Chocolate Banana Blackberry Cake from famed Philadelphia bakery Brown Betty Dessert Boutique.  I highly recommend their cookbook for some great vintage recipes and stories!  (Though maybe check back with me in a few hours to find out if all of my coworkers survived my first cakexperiment.)

Some guy in the communal kitchen did remark, “That’s not what frosting is supposed to look like,” but I don’t care because it was outrageously delicious even on my muted flu season taste buds.


The Oscar Contenders

Honest Movie Posters 6

Happy Monday, y’all!

If your Monday morning has been anything like mine (*yawn*), you’re wondering why on earth you stayed up so late just to see 2 French guys in helmets accept a Grammy.

But awards season is winding down, thank goodness.  We can all put our Oscar de la Renta gowns away and focus on what really matters -> what to eat for lunch.  While I debate Mexican or Chinese, please enjoy these hilariously re-imagined posters for the top Oscar contenders from College Humor …AFTER THE JUMP!


Junk Drawer Friday!

Chinese Lanterns

Happy Friday, everyone!  Hope you have something fun planned for this winter weekend!  I am going to be bundled up at home trying to kick this insane bark-cough thing I’ve got going on.

Hit me up on social media (via the buttons up there on the right) – let’s swap stories.  You’ll tell me about your awesome weekend, and I’ll tell you about my bed sores.

Here’s a little link love from me to you: Cracking secret codes, Superbowl Bingo printables, break-up kits, and a headset that makes video games harder to play the more frustrated you get – AFTER THE JUMP!


Sad Keanu

Sad Keanu 5

For anyone working in SoHo back in 2010, Keanu Reeves was a fixture in the neighborhood.  He  was cutting a film in my office building and could often be spotted outside on a park bench looking kinda blue.  After paparazzi snapped a photo of him moping over a brown bag lunch, it became a bit of a running joke in NYC – “Why is Keanu so sad?” And because New Yorkers are callous, unfeeling cynics, we gave it its own internet meme.  I hate to say that even I found photoshopped pics of Sad Keanu surrounded by cats pretty funny.

Yet just when you thought the meme had died out, NYC-based designer Neuralfirings created a Sad Keanu figurine.  Buy this for next year’s White Elephant party NOW. SEE THE ORIGINAL SAD KEANU PHOTO AFTER THE JUMP!


Body Painting

Body Painting 7

Normally when I think of body painting, I think of naked shot girls wearing painted “bikinis” in an Ibiza nightclub.  But world champion body painting artist, Johannes Stoetter, uses paint in a way that won’t get you drunk but will make you look a little closer.

Check out her perception-bending works of art AFTER THE JUMP!


The Little Engine That Could

Little Train That Could

Many of us were raised on the timeworn wisdom of The Little Engine That Could.  And even long after we’ve grown out of our diapers and into our grown-up clothes, we still invoke that little engine’s mantra – “I think I can, I think I can” – when life hands us lemons.  It’s always relevant, yet sweetly nostalgic.

Just like the story of Steve, who …FIND OUT AFTER THE JUMP!


Sick Days

Starving Artist

Taking a sick day because you’re actually sick is the pits.  I am sitting on the couch, surrounded by tiny hills of kleenex, and googling whether I might have the Spanish Influenza of 1918.

Also why does being sick turn me into a college student?  I want nothing more than to eat several packages of Maruchan Ramen Noodles right now.

What’s your favorite sick day food?

(Photo: “Starving Artist” by Sarah Clement)



There are two kinds of people in the world.  Those who will walk on tightropes 7,000 feet above the ground and those who won’t.  I give you one guess which kind I am.  Still I am so fascinated by thrill-seekers – maybe even a little jealous of their chutzpah (though, on the flipside, I could probably crush them in any kind of timed eating contest).

Check out the gorgeous video from Slack & Run, a group of slackliners, who scaled the jagged rocks of La Réunion and then walked between them on what was essentially a long seatbelt.  (Their video sort of reminded me of these incredible action photos.)

There’s a subtle thumping in the soundtrack of the video, but I gotta be honest, at times I thought it was my own heart beating out of my chest.

Does anyone else think these guys don’t look old enough to be out without a babysitter?!

Would you do this?

(via The Huffington Post)



iPhone Photography

iPhone Photos

How many selfies are in your camera roll this very second?  Count them and then repent.  We need to raise our smartphone photography standards, people!

We are constantly (and mindlessly) snapping pics – but Brock Davis really raises the bar on iPhone photography. For the last 2 years, he’s been taking these simplistic, yet witty, photos that I love.  Davis is the Don Draper of an ad agency in Minnesota, so it’s no wonder they’re so creative.  I’m actually a little sorry that his geography makes us mortal football enemies.

Enjoy his work – I can’t even decide on a favorite, but Emo Pineapple is the frontrunner. TO BE CONTINUED…AFTER THE JUMP!