Junk Drawer Friday!


I went to bed before 10pm last night and woke up looking a little less like Lurch this morning!  It’s the small things when you’re a 30-something.

Here’s a little link love to read in between chest-bumping your bros during the big game this weekend.

Happy Superbowl!

Best tear-down of Rock Paper Scissors ever!

The new Carrot Dating app that allows you to bribe someone for a date!

Arnold Schwarzenegger goes undercover at Gold’s Gym and it’s funny!

Baby chicks wearing hats – because why not?

The bizarrest, newest online fad – paying to watch a pretty girl eat.

Surprisingly gorgeous homes made from shipping containers.

People who actually LIVE in Wal-Mart parking lots!

Warren Buffett will give you $1 billion dollars if you fill out a perfect March Madness bracket.

10 great ghost towns in the West – I would love to see some of these!

How one floodlight tore two nations apart.

Strangers who look like twins.  I always wanted to be a twin – didn’t you?

(Photo Source: Maki Strunc)


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