Living a Daydream

This year on the blog, I want to do as much as I can to profile all kinds of Wonderists!  They come in every shape and size – artists, entrepreneurs, adventurers, you name it.  Whoever they are, it’s the inspirational work they do that will land them on the WonderList. So meet our first inductee - Nicole Warne!

Nicole, the Gary Pepper Girl, is a quadruple-bajuple threat as blogger, creative director, tv presenter, shopgirl, and humanitarian.  (She also totally won her gene pool in the looks department.)

I follow her travels all over the world because a quick visit to her Instagram is like a palette cleanser for the weary soul.  Her photos are drool-worthy, and her whole vibe reminds me to soak up the moment.

Her brand is all about captivating imagination and living in daydreams (very Shakespearean, n’est-ce pas?)! It’s totally inspiring!

Some of my favorite photos from @garypeppergirl below! (Most are taken by her boyfriend, Luke Bolt – talk about match made in heaven!)

If there’s someone you would like to nominate for the WonderList, please email me at, so that I can share their story!


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