Junk Drawer Friday!

Chinese Lanterns

Happy Friday, everyone!  Hope you have something fun planned for this winter weekend!  I am going to be bundled up at home trying to kick this insane bark-cough thing I’ve got going on.

Hit me up on social media (via the buttons up there on the right) – let’s swap stories.  You’ll tell me about your awesome weekend, and I’ll tell you about my bed sores.

Here’s a little link love from me to you:

Cutest retirement calendar of all time.

Hilarious London subway signs.

The internet solves secret codes left behind by a grandmother – really touching.

Free Superbowl bingo printable cards!

How to watch the sunrise in smoggy Beijing.

Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell on Mad Men) in his stunning 580 square foot Hollywood home.

A kit for break-ups.

When press-on nails become an extension of your smartphone.

16 amazing fireplaces.

Cruel headset makes video games harder the more frustrated you get.

National Toy Hall of Fame! How did the rubber duck only just get inducted in 2013?!


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