Man-Made Flowers

Urinal 4

Forgive me if this post is a little crass – I, myself, can’t decide whether it’s hilarious or gross.  Not unlike that time I peed my pants in front of my favorite boy band.

At first glance, what you might think we have here is a really lovely calla lilly sculpture.  Upon second glance, you will make the confusing discovery that it is a urinal.

Apparently these high-fire, porcelain urinals by ClarkMade are really popular in “man caves.”  Why men would want to pee into a flower is beyond me?  I’d think they’d prefer some kind of brick wall to mimic all the times they pee in back alleys.

For some reason, all I can thinks is, poor Georgia O’Keeffe.

What do you think?  Would you want one of these?

Urinal 12

Urinal 11  Urinal 9

Urinal 8

Urinal 7

Urinal 6

Urinal 5

Urinal 3

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