A State of Emergency

It’s snowing outside, folks, and you know what that means?  WIDESPREAD PANIC BECAUSE WET MELTY THINGS ARE FALLING FROM THE SKY!  IT BURNNNNS!

We’re due to get up to a foot of snow, but I can’t take a storm named “Janus” seriously.  Come and get me Janus.  I’ll be the one in her pj’s guzzling DayQuil and enjoying the winter scene outside her window.

Besides, if I were to panic, bread, milk, and tp would not be on my emergency shopping list.  To all you people out there looting the grocery store, just leave me some Twizzlers, a rotisserie chicken, and any Redbox movies featuring Hugh Grant.  What’s on your list?

Be careful out there, folks.



  1. A while back I went to the grocery store only to find that almost all of the carts were in use. It was about five in the afternoon so I asked if it was always this busy at this time. I was told that we were expecting snow and then cold weather. Grocery stores love this type of forecast. Love the old time picture.

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