Junk Drawer Friday!

Ice Skating in Central Park

Happy Friday, everyone!  While we brace for the possible return of the polar vortex over here (sounds like a bad Michael Bay movie), you might notice a few new things about the blog this weekend.  I’ll be launching a new design!  I’m super excited about it and hope you like it, too.  If you don’t, talk to your therapist.

Here’s a little fun snooping for you to do around the internet this weekend: Starting with - these lawyer parents who made their daughter sign a tooth fairy affidavit after she lost a tooth!

Lawyer parents make their daughter sign a tooth fairy affidavit after she loses a tooth.

McDonald’s secret menu!

Majorly wow-worthy – models’ faces turned into stunning optical illusions.

These are SO COOL.

The future is here!  Solar powered clothes that actually power your cellphone!

How 3D Printing a star cluster lets the blind feel hubble space photos.

Milan introduces the vertical forest – I want these in NYC!

I want to go here!  So gorgeous!

I would die to have this living room.

Portraits emerge from an incredible collage of objects.

Maps showing origins of words we use all the time.

(Photo Source: Edward Pfizenmaier (Ice Skaters in Central Park, 1954)


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