Making Waves

Time for your midweek moment of zen!  You have to look at this in full-screen or the only thing it’s going to do is make you need to pee.

In full screen, however, I can almost see that time a friend and I came across a gorgeous waterfall on a summer hike.  He jumped right into the water for a swim while I remained safely perched on a nearby rock – because everyone knows there are special parasites in water that only eat the brains of nubile 24 year-old women.  Just as I started to get really worried about who was going to give me a piggyback ride back up the mountain if he didn’t come back, he returned with some tall tale about lesbians he saw having sex just beyond the tower of rocks I was resting on.

I can’t promise you there are any lesbians having sex on the other side of these rocks, but I invite you to imagine whatever the hell you want.  It’s YOUR moment of zen, after all.

Thank you, Caribbean, for being the most gorgeous place to recharge one’s batteries.  And also for the water slide at Señor Frog’s.


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