Take the Long Way Home

Take the Long Way Home

As someone usually inclined to take an extra train transfer to avoid an above-ground walk, I could stand to heed this advice more often.  Take the long way home.  Linger a little.  It doesn’t have to be all skipping through fields of poppies but even just walking the long way home a couple nights a week.  NYC gave me bunions years ago (standard-issue welcoming gift), so there’s no use pretending that I’m doing the foot fetishists of the world any favors by rushing home and putting my feet up.  Let’s make a promise to each other to take the long way home at least once this week?

What are some of your new intentions for this year?

Photo: Iron and Resin


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  1. One of the things I miss most about NYC is the ability to decide to just walk home when the weather is perfect or the mood strikes you. My office was in Grammercy and my apartment was in Carol Gardens, so I would wander through Union Square, Soho or the East Village, Chinatown, the Brooklyn Bridge, and then finally along the promenade before cutting over to Smith Street. It would take hours with all of stops for window shopping and snacks and it was absolutely delightful.

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