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Life Is Too Short to be Small

Life is Too Short to be Small

I couldn’t benchpress a twinkie, but I love this photo of a sixty year-old training instructor with the Home Guard lifting a weight and two volunteers back in 1941.

The quote is from Benjamin Disraeli about whom I know pretty much nothing, except that wikipedia says he was a “dandy.” I found the quote in a book I’m reading – The 4-Hour Workweek - which I’d dismissed as being just some kind of gimmicky fluff, but in fact I find it to be really motivating.

Are you currently reading any game-changers?

*Photo Source: Corbis*


Advent Calendar of Kindness

Spandy Andy

Meet Spandy Andy who is spreading kindness with candy (and fear with spandex) all throughout NYC as part of the Advent Calendar of Kindness (click to inspire your own random acts of kindness every day until Christmas).  He is not a kidnapper, though it’s clear that people think he might be one.

I’d like to suggest he also play Richard Simmons in a future biopic.

Check out this charming video: AFTER THE JUMP!


Bad Boy, Bad Boy, Whatcha Gonna Do


I like a tatted up guy as much as the next girl, but I like these bad boys most of all: rough riders with hearts of gold.

They come out in full force – sometimes an entire gang at once – to meet children who are victims of child abuse.  Signaling their arrival with booming exhaust pipes, skull caps, and long beards, they’re a scary bunch.  But that’s the point – they’re using a bad reputation for good.

…Read more about this incredible group AFTER THE JUMP!


A Case of You

Sometime around the middle of November, I am possessed by a need to be as cozy has humanly possible.  I stop just short of carrying a fleece blanket and a mug of cocoa with me everywhere I go, but I love winter, I love the holiday season, and I f*cking love chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

So it goes without saying that I put a lot of sappy love songs into heavy rotation this time of year, and this performance by James Wolpert on The Voice is my current favorite.  Now before you automatically discount this for coming from a music competition show, let me say that I think he does this cover of “A Case of You” better than Joni Mitchell’s original.  I realize I will probably be hung like a Salem witch for saying that.

Listen and cuddle with your office desk like I am.

What’s leading your playlist?



Dirds 1

Dirds.  Internet, you win. More awesome bird+dogs after the jump!


Model Homes

Fabric House 3

I have always been a vivid dreamer, and almost all of my dreams take place in my childhood home – a house I haven’t even seen in 11 years.  I guess there’s just no replacement for that patch of wall where I used to wipe all of my boogers.

So when I saw this …READ MORE AFTER THE JUMP!


This Girl is On Fire!

Girl is on Fire

I kinda love this print from Live Love Studio on Etsy.  It’s all “GIRL POWER!!!” but in colors that don’t make me feel like a teenage girl who still plays with Barbies.  It also captures how I’m feeling about some of the big changes I’ll be making in 2014 that I can’t WAIT to tell you about – new job, new blog enterprises, and most importantly – I’m getting bangs again.

Onward and upward!

Do you have any big changes coming in the new year?  I’d love to hear about them (especially if they involve hair).

Cue musical interlude…


Doing it for the Drummers

The Drum Thing

To all you boys and girls who have thrown your panties at a drummer, this one is for you.  I love “The Drum Thing” project for shining a light on the oft unsung heroes of music – the musicians who get us shaking it on the dance floor, crushing it in mosh pits, and showing our boobs in the front row.  Watch and – if you feel moved – donate!

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Garbage Day

Coffee and Lights

So it’s been a rough couple of weeks here – mostly because I barely escaped November with all of my body parts attached – but I’ve gotten really good at turning around those garbage days when I need to.

Here’s a list of my no-fail go-to’s.  In the comments below, tell me what your personal antidotes are, and let’s pool our resources!

In no particular order …AFTER THE JUMP!


The New York Yeti


Happy Monday, folks!  I hope my American readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  I celebrated mine by falling off of a 6-foot ladder (my aunt’s response to this was, “Jewish girls shouldn’t be on ladders”) and googling,”is my cat sad?”

So, as we ease back into this week, let’s kick it off with a fun weekend pic posted by Brandon of the insanely popular blog Humans of New York. If you ever need to renew your faith in people, check out his site (I find it particularly healing after visits to Best Buy).

His caption for this photo reads: “BREAKING: Yeti spotted on 3rd Avenue, walking south.”

So….caption contest!  Gimme your best shot in the comments below!