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Christmas Caroling

I know it’s only Tuesday, but I’m a gambling woman (not really), and I’m willing to bet the house (I don’t own one) that I’m not going to find anything funnier than this video this week.

So, ladies and gents, I give you this week’s Ha-Ha Moment of the Week.

Billy Eichner and Amy Poehler go Christmas caroling around NYC.  Amy is at turns sweet, then aggressive, then sweet again.  And Billy is outrageous as usual.

Does anyone in NYC actually go Christmas caroling?  If so, can I come???  I’m usually the one moving her mouth but not making any sounds.


Why 5th Graders Make the Best Friends

Golden Girls

I just read an article over at hello giggles that made me so happy – it’s about how to make friends.  Sounds simple enough, but is it really?  To those of my readers in their 30′s and beyond – when was the last time you made a really good new friend – we’re talking bestie material?  If I’m right, it’s probably been awhile…because somehow making new friends is easier when you still carry a fake i.d.

Last week I talked about my goal for making new friends in 2014, and this article gives some fun ideas for how.  It’s short, charming, and it’s about why 5th graders are better at making friends than we are.

Because they’re really, really good at:

  1. Buying accessories at Claire’s
  2. Choreography
  3. Pillow Talk
  4. Snacks

Read more here, and then get started!

*Photo Source: NBC*


How to Give Good Phone

Phone Operator

I think it’s a universally held truth that …READ MORE!


Ugly Crying

No Ugly Crying

So – readers – question for you: is crying at work okay?  Have you done it?

I just totally lost it in front of a relatively new coworker in a moment of frustration and am curious what you think.  For some people (like me), crying is super cathartic.  We don’t get mad, we don’t get even, we get weepy and move on. For me it’s healthy – I don’t hang onto bad feelings, I shed them through my tear ducts.

But I’m quite certain it can be off-putting for others to see mascara running down my face in a meeting about workflow – the bride of frankenstein probably wouldn’t have held down an office job.

Why are passive-aggressive anger and sarcasm more acceptable?

Now excuse me while I go blow my nose all over the crudité remnants of someone’s lunch meeting in the kitchen.

What do you think?

*Photo Source: Miss Moss*


Silent Monks Singing Hallelujah

You’d think I just discovered the internet 5 minutes ago because I have never seen this video when 12 million of you have.  I am posting it anyway in the feeble hopes that one of you is a shut-in like I am and hasn’t seen it yet.

Behold – Hallelujah as “sung” by silent monks – genius!


12 Cookies of Christmas

photo 4

Happy Monday, everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  I did 20 hours of baking and discovered one very important thing about myself: I do not like rolling dough.  I fear this rules out several possible career paths for me, but I will learn to live with that.  For now, I need to put a hot compress on my neck and my feet in a salt bath.

BUT I did it!  I baked 12 different cookies (a la 12 Days of Christmas) to share with my favorite peeps just like my mom used to, and it felt really good.  I don’t, however, recommend trying to bake them ALL in 2 days unless you have replacement body parts on-hand.

Photos from my kitchen and recipes – AFTER THE JUMP!


Junk Drawer Friday!

Royal Baking Powder

Happy Friday, everyone!  What are your plans?

I’m going to be baking, baking, baking.  My mom used to bake for days around Christmas and give our closest friends theses elaborate plates of cookies to nosh on over the holidays.  So – for the first time – I’m trying to do it, too, just because it makes me feel close to her (though all of the recipes I chose could be made by a goat – nothing too hard).  Wish me luck – hope I don’t burn down the house!

In case you’re standing in neverending lines to buy your last few Christmas presents this weekend – here’s some fun reading to help you kill time! …AFTER THE JUMP – incredible gingerbread houses you won’t believe, the best tv mash-up you’ve ever seen, and shoes you would sell your children to own!


Magic Piano

Well, shoot.  Amtrak is giving WestJet a run for its merrymaking money!  Chicago commuters traveling through Union Station this holiday season will be surprised by a magic piano that comes to life with a playful (and mischievous) repertoire as people walk by.  I love the musicians who break out their instruments to play along, though the little girl playing Chopsticks with her invisible duet partner was pretty darn cute, too.  (Oh, and business guy who yelled at the piano?  You need to do some serious soul-searching.)

(The piano was being played from a control room by Andrew Blendermann, but that doesn’t make this any less magical.)


Pantone Colors in Real Life

Pantone 3

Is anyone else really bummed about the color Pantone chose as 2014′s color of the year?  Radiant Orchid is said to be purple with pink and fuchsia undertones.  But mostly it reminds me of doctor’s office upholstery.  (Bon Appetit, I applaud your efforts to make this happier news than it is with your post about purple desserts, but it’s just not going to work.)

In the spirit of Pantone, however, I will still share this fun photo project by Paul Octavious who matches Pantone paint chips to his real-life environments.  …AFTER THE JUMP!


Santa(con) is Coming To Town


One of my favorite days of the year is coming up this weekend …MORE AFTER THE JUMP!