The Christmas Spirit

Child with Christmas Present

Right about now is when – as a kid – I would get uncontrollably excited for Christmas Day.  So my guess is that right about now is when parents hit THE WALL.  You’ve been standing in cash register lines for what feels like centuries.  You’ve spent more money than you earned in all of your 20′s on toys that will give you migraines through all of your 40′s.  You will have to sell your ’03 Corolla just to afford enough batteries to power their endless whirring and beeping.

So to you, I just want to say – everything you’re doing matters, no matter how big or small.  So give yourself a moment to breathe.  Your children might not realize it now, but they will know how much you loved them when they think back on these years.  That is bigger than any gift you can give.  And it isn’t the big piles of presents under the Christmas tree that they will remember.  It’s how much you must have loved them to have gone to Wal-Mart at all ever.

*Photo Source: Nina Leen*


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