Be Your Own Beyoncé

Beyonce Je T'aime

Happy Monday, everyone!  So last night I went to Beyoncé’s concert in Brooklyn (wearing a really aggressive sequin shirt), and – as if you didn’t already know – she is ONE.BAD.BITCH.

I mean let’s face it – we all want to BE her (yes, even you, straight guy).  I can make that happen – for the low, low price of free.

I give to you…My Top 11 Ways to Be Your Own Beyoncé:

Cultivate your talents.  Beyoncé recently said that she “sees music.”  This is the most important, I think – find what sets you apart and GROW.IT.  Because, otherwise, I won’t know how to explain the purple onesie to your friends.

Beyonce Purple Jumpsuit
Take risks.  If you’re stuck in a rut or grappling with a problem, do something you’ve never done before.  If you can do it while playing a sold-out arena tour, you’ve succeeded.

Be healthyBeyoncé can dance and sing and give stank face for 2 hours straight.  And she can fly.  For you, let’s start simple – eat less Shake Shack.

Treat every moment like a catwalk.  Suck it up, suck it in, and own it.  I’m sure she has her bad days just like the rest of us – but Beyoncé has to have them in front of millions.  You only have to have them in front of a handful of people.  So at least there’s that.  No excuse not to WORK.IT.

Beyonce Masks
Have your own crew.  You don’t need sound engineers or tour managers to be important.  Choose friends who make you feel that way every day.  Bonus if they play kazoos every time you enter a room (my own personal diva demand).

Be freshBe an original.  Beyoncé is a tastemaker – she knows what we want before we know we want it.  Don’t try to fit in at the expense of your own ideas – make those ideas relevant.

Be generous.  You don’t have to have gazillions of dollars to be thoughtful – give your time, your energy, and your love to people who need it.

Beyonce Hearts

Be ambitious.  It’s okay to want material things, but want more than just that.  Make goals, reach them, exceed them, and start again.

Beyonce Glitter Bomb
Diversify.  There’s no room for one trick ponying in this lifetime.  Be good at as many things as you can!

Have an alter ego that let’s you think and feel things you might otherwise shy away from.  Beyoncé’s got Sasha Fierce after all, doesn’t she?  Sometimes we just need permission to unearth the bravest parts of ourselves.

Beyonce Fans
Believe in something that keeps you grounded, yet also keeps you reaching.

Beyonce Flying



  1. “Beyoncé can dance and sing and give stank face for 2 hours straight. And she can fly. For you, let’s start simple – eat less Shake Shack.” — I am printing that out and posting it on my mirror, because it is perfect.

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