Tramp Stamps

Confetti and Red Shoes

I spend a fair amount of time pretending I’m going to get a tattoo.  It’s basically a part-time job – I research designs, I bookmark tattoo parlors, and I keep an eye peeled for lines of poetry that resonate with me.

One of my favorite poets (ok, ok, the only one I actually know) is E.E. Cummings, and I love his poem, “I Carry Your Heart” – specifically, the line:

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart).

I’ve thought about having that tattooed near my ribcage, but then I remember I’m not Rihanna.  Also I’m not that comfortable with the fact that I first heard the poem in a Cameron Diaz movie.

Also, I’m a good girl from the Midwest whose mom taught her that tattoos were naughty.  (I so want to be baaaad.)  Do you have any tattoos?  Have you ever regretted it?  (Chinese tramp stamp from college, perhaps?)

Would love your ideas – am trying to work up the courage!

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