It’s For the Birds!

Airbnb Bird House 10

I have always loved miniature things – like the little cassette tapes that go in old answering machines and burger sliders.  I didn’t know until today that I also like miniature replicas of Airbnb rental homes.

Airbnb (the community marketplace for unique places to stay all over the world) recently launched a new campaign called “Home to You.”  It engaged several artists to create miniature bird house replicas of some of its actual rental properties – the idea being that “no creatures on earth travel quite like birds do.” (Airbnb)  Then they hung them on a tree, played some folk songs, and waited for the birds to show.

Check out some of my favorite reconstructions below but also the video here – it’s pretty ridiculously cute to see birds roaming around the furniture inside these tiny homes!

Final thought: Birds bug me.  Or at least the sound of birds.  I would probably like mute birds.

Airbnb Bird House 11

Airbnb Bird House 9

Airbnb Bird House 8

Airbnb Bird House 7

Airbnb Bird House 6

Airbnb Bird House 5

Airbnb Bird House 4

Airbnb Bird House 3

Airbnb Bird House 2

Airbnb Bird House 1

(via Design Boom)


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