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Tutu Project 2

This guy had me at “tutu.”  Meet Bob.  Bob began photographing himself in a pink tutu 9 years ago and hasn’t stopped since.  Not because he harbors secret hopes of becoming a bunhead, but because his wife was battling breast cancer, and they needed something to laugh about.

They recently self-published a book of these popular prints with proceeds going to The Carey Foundation – a non-profit organization that helps pay the many expenses of cancer that aren’t covered by insurance.

As the daughter of someone who fought cancer and was failed by our healthcare system, I believe very strongly in what they’re doing.  I also feel very strongly about men in pink.  They look damn good.

Check out more about Bob and Linda’s Tutu Project here, where you can also buy their book Ballerina or donate!

Bob Carey dressed in a pink tutu in front of the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany - 09 Dec 2013

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Tutu Project 1

*Photo Source: Bob Carey*



      1. Of course I did! I was so proud of Tessanne — she CRUSHED it. Although, I have to admit that I really felt horrible for Will. While Adam was correct that Tessanne was the clear winner, I still wish he showed his other teammate just a smidge of love. You made the man sing Bryan Adams for godsakes — at least through him a bone on his last night and tell him that he did a good job.

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